This Resource Guide is presented to real property owners, developers, and portfolio property owners who have enjoyed thriving real estate enterprises, never anticipating the negative effects a Global Pandemic would have on their properties.


For many, they never anticipated cash flow so low that loan payments could not be made; for many, they never anticipated being in a loan workout situation, much less facing the prospect of foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Among the chapters of this Resource Guide, the reader will learn:

  • How to best approach a bank or CMBS Special Servicer for a loan modification.
  • How to pivot in the middle of a construction loan under the assumption that the leasing and/or analyses conducted prior to the loan’s inception are no longer valid.
  • How to reposition a retail property that will be left with long-term vacancies post-COVID.
  • The long term effects technology and the newfound ease of working-from-home will have on the face of office buildings.
  • How to find lenders and/or opportunistic lenders who might consider funding for a distressed property.
  • How to minimize rent concessions, yet keep tenants in place while the world awaits a solution to the Pandemic.
  • How will appraisers determine the value of a property for lending or investment purposes when cash flow is severely diminished due to the COVID lockdown, and
  • When to consider filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding, and when to consider turning the property over to the lender, 
  • When will opportunistic real estate investors be able to purchase non-performing notes or foreclosed properties from banks, CMBS Special Servicers, and other lenders involved in the real estate industry.

It is our hope that this Resource Guide will give you some high-level direction as an owner of commercial real estate.  We stand ready to assist in any conflict you might have.    

Written in an interview format with the assistance of my friend and colleague Andy Broadaway, the TOP questions posed were received from borrowers with single properties, portfolio property owners, developers with projects under construction, and certain accountants and lawyers who represent these parties.

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