Franklin M. Kessler​


Franklin M. Kessler

Miami, FL

Frank Kessler holds over 30 years of real estate and business asset management experience.  He is an expert in crisis management situations as a front-line executive serving bankruptcy trustees, court appointed receivers, and companies in financial distress.  He has also served commercial banking institutions, corporate stakeholders, and government agencies including the Resolution Trust Corporation (“RTC”).

As a senior consultant employed by a Top-50 public accounting firm, and real estate asset management companies including Real Estate Recovery, Inc., one of the country’s most prominent firms serving the RTC, FDIC, and Criimi Mae, Mr. Kessler is an expert in conducting property level due diligence, property inspections, financial modeling, loan underwriting, and managing environmental evaluations and remediation projects.  He also excels in developing business plans to maximize the value of underperforming companies and real estate assets.

Mr. Kessler is also highly accomplished in the areas of receivership management, financial statement review, construction management, appraisal review, loan servicing, and the restart of interrupted construction projects.  He has extensive litigation support experience and regularly authors both receivership and bankruptcy trustee reports.  He possesses strong organizational skills and regularly supports attorneys in a broad spectrum of litigation matters.