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Richard K. Hollowell

Over 45 years of real estate asset management
Provides real estate consulting, receivership management, and expert testimony on a national basis, assisting real estate, banking, finance, litigation and bankruptcy lawyers in matters involving foreclosures, real estate, restructuring/bankruptcy, lender liability, breach of fiduciary duty, officers and directors liability, partnership disputes, bank secrecy act violations, due diligence standards of care, construction, development, and financing. Since 2007, have been engaged as an expert witness 50 times with 19 trial appearances since 2012. Holds 48 years of experience in troubled real estate loans, commercial real estate loan underwriting, failed banks, real estate and asset based lending, debt and equity procurement, court appointed receiverships, and Chapter 11 reorganizations.

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Was one of six industry experts asked to speak before over 20 of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s key officials on August 12, 2008 amidst the systemic crash of the U.S financial markets. Directed several successful Chapter 11 reorganizations and participated in more than $250 million of real estate equity raises since 2000. Our consultants include former officials of the Resolution Trust Corporation, Federal Reserve Bank, GMAC, and Heller Financial. , Also leads a team of 22 distinguished doctors who distribute a multi-patented, clinically tested sports nutraceutical which has won international awards as the top joint and cartilage regeneration supplement in the world. Product users include fitness and crossfit enthusiasts, gym owners, physical therapists, personal trainers, professional athletes (MLB, NFL, NHL, PGA), boxers and olympic participants.


An expert witness is a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case.

An expert witness is typically required in one of two scenarios. First, when trial is approaching and an expert is required to opine on certain aspects at issue in trial or second, to support litigation efforts prior to trial.

We recommend engaging an expert earlier in the process rather than later. Remember, the expert is your subject matter guru and, if properly informed, can be of great assistance to counsel during motion practice, discovery and depositions. The less time an expert is provided to procure an Expert Opinion or State Disclosure, the less informed they are on the nuisances of the case and attorney is afforded less opportunity to learn from the expert and advance the case.

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Attorneys are experts on the law, not real estate or other business subject to litigation. When a client hires a lawyer, most times that lawyer needs to study up and learn the business or industry which is the subject of the law suit. If a subject matter expert is hired early in the process they can be invaluable in explaining the nuisances of the business issues at hand to the attorney. Armed with this knowledge that the attorney might otherwise not have, the attorney can then do a better job representing the interest of their clients earlier in the litigation.

This depends on the case. If the case calls for a hyper local issue, then a local expert is probably better suited for that matter. However, if the case is less focused on a hyper local issue, a national expert should suffice. Our experience dictates that the best experts for the case are the ones who understand the relevant legal issues best, not those physically closest to the real estate.

No. RIchard Hollowell experience includes over $3 billion in total transaction volume in over 35 states and 50 different MSA’s.

Yes, absolutely. We have relationships nationwide for matters outside our expertise.

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